(eg. Probiotic; Probiotics, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus lactis, Autism ...)
Quick Help:
• Search by keyword(s) rather than a sentence.
• Finding all of the search terms using comma.
o E.g., Lactobacillus, Autism
• Finding one term or the other using semicolon.
o E.g., Probiotic; Probiotics
Select keyword from suggestions when appropriate. Suggestions will show up when you input keyword in the search bar.
o E.g., Gram-negative is suggested and returns much more articles than G-negative.
Capitalization and hyphenation are not required. Search returns all results with or without capitalization or hyphenation.
o E.g., Searching non alcoholic fatty liver disease with or without hyphen returns the same number of articles.
Filter publication year or journal after search at Keyword Bank tab.
Write out terms for abbreviations.
o Although for more specific abbreviations, such as ‘LPS’ for lipopolysaccharide and ‘NAFLD’ for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, search results are rather focused, there are abbreviations that can mean many things.
o E.g., Searching ‘IR’ returns results about immediate release, infrared, induced resistance, insulin resistance and more.
• Try to search with synonyms.
o E.g., autism, autism spectrum, ASD etc.
For search demonstration, read User Guide.
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