As Principal Investigator

Project title Period Amount (HK$)
a.           RGC Competitive Earmarked Research Grants:    
1 Validation and characterization of development-related microRNA-like RNAs in the mushroom-forming fungus Coprinopsis cinerea 2016-2018 984,786
2 Identification and delineation of functional roles of selected kinases in fruiting body development of model mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea 2015-2017 553,153
3 Construction of a high-density genetic linkage map of Lentinula edodes and quantitative trait loci analysis of genome-wide gene expression levels, laccase activities and mycelial growth rates 2013-2015 800,000
4 Genome sequence analysis and molecular studies of the shiitake mushroom Lentinula edodes 2011-2014 1,212,003
5 Transciptome analysis of fruiting initiation of the basidiomycete mushroom Coprinosis cinerea 2008-2011 1,001,887
6 Identification and characterization of genes differentially expressed in dikaryotic mycelium of Shiitake Mushroom Lentinula edodes by cDNA microarray hybridization 2001-2006 771,100
7 Elucidation of Gene Expression Profiles during Fruit Body Development of Shiitake Mushroom Lentinula edodes using Expressed Sequence Tags and Serial Analysis of Gene Expression 1998-2002 600,000
8 Yeast complementation analyses of signal  transduction genes isolated from early fruit body development of Shiitake mushroom Lentinula edodes 1997-2000 780,840
9 Development of a species genetic linkage map of the Shiitake Mushroom Lentinula edodes with sequence-tagged-site,  expressed-sequence-tag, and gene markers 1996-1999 692,000
10 Molecular cloning and time course studies of genes specially expressed during  fruit body development in Shiitake Mushroom Lentinula edodes 1995-1998 713,000
11 Identification and molecular cloning of differentially expressed genes involved in lignocellulose utilization in Shiitake mushroom Lentinula  edodes 1994-1996 583,000
12 Generation of molecular markers for construction of a genetic map and characterization of genetic determinants of some phenotypic traits in Shiitake mushroom Lentinula edodes 1993-1996 756,000
13 Ethanol production by anaerobic fermentation in genetically  manipulated terrestrial and marine enteric bacteria 1989-1992 250,000
b. Croucher Foundation Research Grant    
1 Establishment of the genomic library, linkage map and germplasm bank for Lentinula edodes 1990-1993 627,000
2 Gene cloning and production of thermo-stable beta-amylase in Bacil1us subtilis 1987-1989 420,000
c. Chief Executive Community Project List 2006    
1 Construction of Food Composition Database for Nutrition Labelling 2006-2010 17,770,000
d. Quality Education Fund / Teaching Development Grant / Education Bureau, HKSAR    
1 International Junior Science Olympiad 2007-2008 197,915
2 A Science Enrichment Programme for Secondary 3-4 Students, Quality Education Fund 2006-2008 2,000,000
3 Promoting the Use of the Outcome-based Approach in Science Programmes: Development of Learning Outcome Statements and Measurement Instruments 2006-2008 1,000,000
4 Engaging Science Students in the Design and Enactment of Assessment 2005-2007 200,000
5 Case-based Learning of High School Science Subjects to Support Learning to Learn, Quality Education Fund 2004-2006 2,820,000
e. Innovation and Technology Fund    
1 First-stage development of platform for authentication of dried seafood and tonic food products 2010-2012 2,999,959
2 A Yeast Expression System for the Commercial Production of Recombinant Ligninolytic Enzymes from Edible Shiitake Mushrooms 2008-2010 784,875
f. Research Fund for Control of Infectious Diseases    
1 Genome sequence analysis platform for identification of genetic determinants and development of molecular markers for diagnosis of human systemic infection by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium 2011-2012 942,072
2 First-Stage Development of a Comprehensive Genome Sequence Database for the Identification of Foodborne Pathogens in Hong Kong 2008-2011 6,176,045
g. 深圳市生物、互联网、新能源、新材料产业发展专项资金项目  
1 香菇种质资源库的建立及基因组辅助的特异种质资源挖掘 2012-2014 700,000 RMB
h. Environmental and Conservation Fund    
1 Rhizosphere Microbiome Analysis of Brown Root Rot Disease Infected Trees 2015-2016 482,475


As Co-investigator

Project title Period Amount (HK$)
a.  RGC Competitive Earmarked Research Grants:    
1 In vitro bifidogenicity of prebiotic mushroom beta-glucan and its effect on human gut microbiota: A mechanistic study using transcriptomics, fractional proteomics and 16S rDNA sequencing (PI:Prof. PCK Cheung) 2016-2018 844,130
2 Analyzing the diet of planktonic copepod: using 454 pyrosequencing coupled with PCR blocking to study the composition and selection of prey in Calanus sinicus (Copepoda, Calanoida) of different developmental stages (PI: Prof. CK Wong) 2013-2014 652,000
3 Role of the brownish shiitake mycelia exudate on the cell death of Leukemia cell line and its role as an antioxidant and a functional food colorant (PI: Prof HY Chung) 2006-2009 920,500
4 Mushroom Non-digestible Carbohydrates as Novel b-Glucan Type Prebiotics: Their Preparation and In Vitro Microbial Fermentation (PI: Prof. PCK Cheung) 2005-2008 718,957
5 Gene expression during ovarian maturation in penaeid shrimp (PI:Prof. KH Chu) 2003-2007 1,697,600
6 Development of Molecular Makers for Genome Mapping in Penaeid Shrimp (PI: Prof. KH Chu) 1998-2001 600,000
7 Molecular studies on shellfish allergies: Cloning, sequencing, and immunological responses (PI: Prof. KH Chu) 1997-2000 686,880
8 Removal of heavy metals from wastewater by immobilized microbial cells (PI: Prof. PK Wong) 1988-1991 500,000
b. RGC Collaborative Research Fund    
1 Marine Genomics: Crustacean evolution and aquaculture(PI: Chu Ka Hou) 2015-2018 7,200,000
c. Chroucher Foundation Research Grants:    
1 Molecular cloning and expression of Crustacean allergens 1994-1996 600,000
2 Regulation of cellulase genes in the oyster mushroom Pleurotus 1994-1995 100,000
3 Genes controlling the switch to anaerobic metabolism 1986-1992 300,000
d. Industrial Support Fund    
1 Development of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products based on local medicinal plants 1998-2001 9,128,000
e. RGC Area of Excellence    
1 Plant and fungal biotechnology 1999-2007 38,823,000
f. RGC Central Allocation Vote    
1 Automated Microbial Identification Systems 1999 2,980,000
2 Automated Genetic Analysis System 1996 3,000,000
g. Health Department Funds    
1 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Rhizoma Cimicifugae 2004-2007 381,350
2 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Radix Paeonia rubra 2004-2007 381,350
3 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Radix Paeonia alba 2004-2007 381,350
4 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Radix aucklandiae 2004-2007 381,350
5 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Radix Astragali 2002-2005 338,000
6 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Cortex Moutan 2002-2005 338,000
7 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Cortex Phellodendri 2002-2005 338,000
8 Research and laboratory work on the Chinese medicinal herb, Rhizoma Alismatis 2002-2005 338,000
h. Quality Education Fund    
1 The Development of Student-Oriented Teaching and Learning Resources in Science and a Science Enrichment Programme for Secondary 3-4 Students 2008-2011 3,500,000
i. Research Fund for Control of Infectious Diseases    
1 Metagenomics of Tuberculosis Infection in Hong Kong 2009-2011 800,000
2 Complete Genome Analysis of Drug-Susceptible and Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Beijing Family Strains 2008-2010 798,648
j. PSC Partners Seeking a Cure    
1 Metagenomic Analysis of Bile Microbial Diversity in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis 2012-2014 60000 USD
k. Environmental and Conservation Fund    
1 Composition and Genetic Diversity of Microbial Communities in Mai Po Nature Reserve 2015-2016 499,380
l. Community Science Program 2012 of Joint Genome Institute, Department of Energy, USA.     
1  Functional genomics of Coprinopsis cinerea 2012-2016 Deep Sequencing of hundreds of samples



Project Title Granting agency Commence Complete (HK$)
DNA Sequencing and Genetics Diversity Analysis Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Dept, HKSAR Government 1-Aug-05 30-Sep-05 50,000
Genetic Diversity Analysis of Cuora Trifasciata and Its Allied Species Using Microsatellite Markers Developed from Mauremvs Rivulata Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Dept, HKSAR Government 23-Nov-06 31-Mar-07 50,000
Provision of Service for Sampling and Food Preparation for the First Hong Kong Total Diet Study Food and Environmental Hygiene Dept, HKSAR Government 1-Feb-10 31-Mar-11 1,238,320
Provision of Service for Identification of Shark Fins Traded in Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, HKSAR Government 6-Sep-13 30-Jan-14 899,144
Provision of consultancy services for field and in vitro evaluation of Trichoderma species as a biological control agent against Phellious noxius infected trees in Hong Kong Works Branch, Development Bureau, HKSAR Government 28-Jan-13 27-Aug-15 1,388,400
Provision of Consultancy Services for Field Trial on the Feasibility of Using Trichoderma Species to Rehabilitate Locations Contaminated with Phellinus noxius Causing Brown Root Rot Disease on Trees Works Branch, Development Bureau, HKSAR Government 17-Oct-14 16-Apr-16 822,234.9
Total 4,448,098.9



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