Our Centre

Where Food Meets Science

Being the first university Food Research Centre (FRC) in Hong Kong, we not only responds timely to the concerns of food safety and nutritional issues in Hong Kong, China and the region, but also be an one-stop research centre for all facets of basic and contract research on foods consumed or produced in Hong Kong.

FRC is a university-wide centre comprising of experts from Faculties of Science, Education, Business Administration, engineering, Medicine, and Social Science. Our multidisciplinary collaborative team in Hong Kong which will cover most of the basic and applied food research areas.

We aims to grow into a comprehensive research centre for food and related fields and become one of the strongest and one-stop food research and service centre in Hong Kong. We serve the food industry, government departments, and consumers by providing state-of-the-art technology and knowledge. We also provide education to the public to create a positive culture of healthy eating and sustainable food consumption behavior.


Our Mission:

We provide a systematic task-directing and problem-solving approach to serve the Community by:

  • performing innovative scientific and technological research on safety, nutritional analysis, quality assurance and product development of food consumed or produced in Hong Kong
  • transferring technologies to industry
  • enhancing the safety and quality of food consumed and produced in Hong Kong through proactive quadripartite collaboration among the FRC, the government, food industry and the public
  • training the food professionals and educating the public on the awareness of healthy eating habits in order to create a positive culture of healthy eating in Hong Kong